Sustainability principles have guided the project from it’s inception with materials being hired, reused and recycled wherever possible.

Holding Plant

To build the structures for this project are under the themes of re-source and re-use, and where possible we are intersecting with the process flow of building materials from one use to another, and in that process we are giving them another use, e.g. the use of paletes which have been produced for the use of moving goods, and we are making an artistic installation with them before they go on to another use.

Belfast City Council have launched a ten-year cultural strategy, A City Imagining, to help meet the Belfast Agenda vision for 2035, which imagines a culturally vibrant city, taking into account a strong environmental strategy, including the planting of a million trees.

The strategy sets out four strategic themes shaped by the strategy’s engagement process:

- A City Belonging

- A City Challenging

- A City Creating

- A City Exploring

These themes are embraced within the installations, the site in the heart of our city and the digital exploration of the Cathedral Quarter arts and venues.