D : Dair : Oak

Strength & security

The Chieftain tree, guardians of the soul's journey

Extremely durable & used for home & ship building

Acorns used for love & fertility magic

Antiseptic & anti-inflammatory

 AICME #2 
Answer 2 of 5 

 I am a stag of seven combats 

 This is one line of a poem and you need to find four more.

 Make sure to check your map to see where the next Aicme is.

 Remember you only need to find one plaque in each Aicme zone to find the five lines of the poem. 

 Bonus : Answer 7 of 25 
 What is the relevance of these numbers in the yellow box? 


 Got all 5 poem lines or worked out what the numbers mean? 

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~ Please do not substitute any of these trees or fruits for standard medical treatment. Consult a doctor before using any alternative for any condition. ~