Ogham Calendar Wheel

The Celtic druids were masters of knowledge across arts, music and poetry, as well as science, language, and environment. They understood that human life was a small part of a much larger pattern, and that these rhythms could be worked out by careful observation, and strict adherence to an annual cycle – the Celtic Ogham Year Wheel.

The inner wheel represents the Fibonacci sequence: 1,1,3,5,8,13.

1 – the single point, the centre of all things

2 – the spiral stirring within the cauldron

3 – the Triskellion, the three maidens attending the cauldron

5 – the Rose, the Queen of every hive

8 – the Fire Festivals

13 – the Ogham lunar sequence


The Outer Wheels depict the current calendar months, the signs of the zodiac, and the full grove of the 20 Ogham trees in their natural order, beginning with Birch.