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The Longest Day & Shortest Night


Spiritual rebirth, completion of your whole self, and peak of your expressive self.

The sun is at it's highest for this turning point of the year, where the wheels are all in motion, and where the pendulum slowly starts it's journey to the darker part of the year.


Bonfires are lit, oak (the Sun King) is the preferred wood for burning, and herbs are thrown in the fires. People jump over the fires for good health and to rid themselves of misfortune.

A time of dancing and joy, this festival of empowerment and power at the peak of the sun's power on earth, celebrates the potency of life, and at the same time the celebration of the return to the dark cycle of the year.

Express yourself, enjoy & celebrate what you have. 


Red, gold, orange.


Rose, mistletoe, holly & oak


Elderflower, lavender, lemon balm, St Johns Wort

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